• Kas Hotel Narnia, Turkey

Hotel Narnia is located in the wonderful village of Bayindir only 5 kms away from Kas. Our property sits on a 5000 square metre almond orchard and next to it, is an equally sized pommegranet grove making this your perfect peaceful retreat. Kas with its pristine beaches, beautiful winding bougainvillea-clad backstreets and famous nightlife buzz is only a short drive away.

We opened Narnia wishing to share our dream of living in harmony with nature and the people of our village. We have a small greenhouse, a herb garden and we continue to plant various fruit trees every spring, and of course lots of flowers! In the autumn we harvest the almonds and cure our olives.

In our village many shephards care for their goats and the local horses roam freely. In the spring all our almond trees are covered in light pink blossom flowers that the locals use to produce their beautiful homemade honey.

Bayindir lies right in the heart of the old land of Lycia. Ruins are everywhere to be found and ancient trekking routes link us all together along the coast line.

It was a great experience stayed at Narnia Hotel.

Jess & Luke - Double Room